Wall Garden New Zealand

Vertical gardens and real, living green walls by Wallgarden. Australian made

Our DIY friendly vertical garden kit offers quality and lower cost compared to all other vertical garden systems!

Quality; Wallgarden products have more potting mix per plant, needed for root ball growth, but of most importance, better water retention. Capacity of Multi-Hang 4.7 litres/plant, Wallgarden is 16.3 litres, 5.4 litres/plant with 3 plants/pot.

DIY and get the lowest cost per sq.M. Please compare our price/sqM. to see we are half the price of most other systems. Wallgarden, use wood picket fence for uprights, Multi-Hang use 50 x 50 panel mesh, available at most hardware stores.

High UV resistance, to protect your Wallgarden pots from the sun and failure due to ultra violet degradation, ensuring a very long lifetime. Our products are designed and tested to handle New Zealand's environment.

A 10 year warranty is included with all Wallgarden products. This easily bests the small warranties offered by other vertical garden products on the market

Natural & Better Plant Growth

Plants thrive, designed to ensure natural drainage just like plants in your garden bed, further, maximum drainage holes to give correct aeration/plant.

Grow more plant varieties that grow fuller and healthier.

Grow Herbs & Veggies

Large quantity of potting mix per plant, excellent drainage and aeration, ensures, Wallgarden is the only vertical garden system to successfully grow herbs and veggies. Great for home DIY jobs and larger vertical farming methods.

More for Your Dollar!

Best of all, costing less than half the price of similar vertical garden systems, Wallgarden is easier on the back pocket! Green walls and edible wall gardens have never been so affordable.


DIY Guide

Wallgarden is so easy to install, anyone can do it. With supplies available from any hardware, a drill & a screwdriver, you'll have your green wall or edible wall garden set up in no time. That's right, there's no expensive, specialised clips or bags, saving you money!




Wall Garden Dimensions:

595mm Wide x 200mm Tall x 200mm Deep
Coverage: 5 Wallgarden modules cover 1 square metre of wall.

Wall Garden 4.7 Dimensions:

200mm Wide x 200mm Tall x 250mm Deep
Coverage: 10 Modules cover 1.6 square metres of wall.

Efficient Irrigation

Irrigate with Drippers!
Wallgarden is designed for use with standard irrigation parts. 13mm poly fits perfectly behind the green wall thanks to its specially designed recess so you can run drippers which drain all the way from the top module to the bottom.